Go, Study, Work & Live Abroad

Welcome to Muxbay

Your Gateway to Global Opportunities

Muxbay is a human capacity development company enabling people to go, study, work & live abroad.

Our Team

Our team of experts includes university professors, post-doc researchers, Ph.D. scholars, funding and grants specialists, published authors, former admission directors, career counselors, and international admission and immigration consultants.

Our Expertise

We are academics and education experts with extensive experience in capacity development, higher education management, career counseling, documentation, scholarship & visa services.


To become the world's best enabling platform for sustainable human development through knowledge exchange, education and research.


To bridge the gap between developed and developing world by enabling students to access funding & grants for international education & research through outreach & capacity building.

Our values


Believing in honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all our operations


Aiming to provide the highest standards of quality work and delivering exceptional services to our customers.


Empowering customers through knowledge, guidance, and support their learning journey.


Knowing the individuality of each customer and delivering personalized support to meet their specific interest and goals and making positive impacts on their life.

Diversity, pluralism and Inclusion

Respecting diversity of cultures, beliefs, and perspectives, and fostering an inclusive environment for all customers

Shared ownership and collaboration:

Collaborating with clients, educational institutions, and partners to foster mutual growth and achieve shared goals.